Thursday, May 05, 2016

Open House Parent Conferences

A huge thank you to all parents who were able to join us today at our school's Open House breakfast. We had so many wonderful families join us in our gym this morning. Families had the chance to enjoy a healthy breakfast together with their children. We also got to watch the dance teams led by Mrs. Vela. They blew us away with their amazing talent! After the breakfast, we went to our classrooms and invited our parents to join us.

We held mini parent conferences to show our parents some of our expertise in our room. Many students got to show off their amazing work on our Google Docs and Google Slides. There were other students who wanted to teach their parents how to scan QR Codes to read their narrative stories that we created. It was neat to see the students teach their parents how to scan a QR Code, and then how to write a comment through the link on their cover pages.

Students also wrote blog posts and comments together with their parents and taught them how to navigate the KidBlog site. It is so great to see the student's expertise in action. We also had students talk about their experiences with the Open House with their parents on our Padlet below. Please feel free to add more of your thinking! 
We are so thankful to have supportive families in our community who joined us today. Thank you to all of our thoughtful parents who came to feast with us and to learn more about their children's learning. It really brought a huge smile to our class' faces. 
To view the blog posts created by students today during the Parent conferences, please head on over to our class Kidblog accounts. 

EQAO Homework Workbook

Dear Parents,

Today your child came home with their EQAO workbook. Inside you will find EQAO practice questions for both math and language. Students have been working on similar types of questions all year long. The EQAO assessment will take place at the end of this month beginning on May 25th. Students are strongly encouraged to practice reviewing for this test by working on 2 pages of the workbook each night between now and the start of the test. 30 minutes of nightly math and language review is recommended. The work in the duotang will not be evaluated; it is simply for you and your child to review each night prior to the start of the assessment at the end of May. PLEASE ENSURE STUDENTS BRING THE BOOK BACK TO SCHOOL EACH DAY SO WE CAN REVIEW THE WORK IN CLASS OR IF THEY HAVE QUESTIONS. For more information, please see the note inside of the workbook in your child's agenda.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Open House and Lorax Persuasive Writing

We have been working on Persuasive Writing in our room for the past few weeks. Students are learning how to convince someone to do something important to them. We need to make sure we are polite and we use kind words when we are trying to persuade. Our reasons have to be valid and have to be as convincing as possible.

We completed a Lorax persuasive task during Earth Week. We read the story and wondered as a class why the Once-ler was so determined to cut down the trees and take so much life away. We researched many reasons why trees are important to our life and to the life of other things in nature. We learned how to research and how to find reasons that made sense to our writing topic. Students used Google Slides to compile their research and then referenced the Slides while writing their persuasive letters to the Once-ler. Have a look at our research below:


Last week we completed another persuasive task. This time the topic was Open House. Students chose to either persuade the students of Assumption to buy books at the Book Fair or to persuade their parents to join us at our Open House breakfast. Students had to use transition words to help them compose their persuasive letters. Their good copy was typed on Google Docs where many students got to use Google Read and Write to help them edit their work. Ask your child to explain to you how it helped them with their writing. We also shared our final draft on an iPad app called Chatterpix. Students loved experimenting with this app. We posted all of their completed Chatterpix creations on their KidBlog accounts. Please visit our KidBlog accounts to leave a comment on their writing. They loved creating them and are excited to see they are available on YouTube!