Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Data Collection

Our current Math focus is on Data Management. Over the past few weeks, students have been working towards analyzing and collecting data information. We recalled how to collect and organize data on a tally chart. Students recalled what tally charts must have and created a criteria list to refer to when organizing their data. 

Next, students learned what bar graphs must have. We created a must have list, and refer to it when creating our own bar graphs. Students learned new vocabulary such as AXIS. Students noticed that a bar graph is shaped in an L. The vertical part is the Y AXIS and the horizontal part is the X AXIS. We learned about the difference between labels and subtitles. We use graph paper and a ruler to create our graphs.

This week students came up with their own survey questions and created a tally chart. We went into Mme. Erskine's grade 4/5 class to ask our survey questions. We are currently working to analyze our data using math vocabulary. We are also working to transfer our tally data into a bar graph. Ask your child about what bar graphs and tally charts must have! 

Below is our Data Collection Criteria thus far. We will continue to work on bar graphs this week. Next week we will focus on Pictographs!

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