Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stable Structures

In Science our current learning focus is on strong and stable structures. We are exploring how what structures are made of, what makes them strong, what structures do for us and so much more. We explored some of our learning and our structure wonders on Padlet this week. Students shared what they have been learning about structures and posted some questions they'd like to explore. Have a look at our thinking....

This week we participated in a Scientist in the School Workshop.  Students experimented with many different types of structures. We explored science terms such as support, strength, tension, force, stable, compress and more. Students participated in many experiments and concluded with a bridge challenge. We had to build a strong bridge that could support at least 3 math text books. The great news is...all of our bridges passed the test and supported 6 math text books. Well done friends!

At the end of our workshop, we consolidated our learning and came up with new words. Students worked with partners to talk about 3 things they learned....2 interesting facts.. and 1 question they still have. We posted some of our thinking on another Padlet. Students can continue to post new learning or wonders from home!

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