Friday, September 25, 2015

Place Value

In Math we are currently working to represent, order and compare numbers up to 1000. We are learning to represent big numbers using strategies on our criteria chart. Have a look at how many different ways we know to represent a number. We are learning that when the numbers get bigger we need to think of strategies that will help us to represent the number in quicker ways. Students know how to use Base Ten Blocks to represent 3 digit numbers very well. This week we continued to identify  numbers using expanded form and standard form. Practice this at home this weekend. Give your child a 3 digit number (ex: 348). Have them represent the number in 3 different ways. Example: Standard Form (348), Expanded Form (300+40+8=348) and draw out the Base Ten Blocks. Students should also review the place and value on a number (hundreds, tens, ones).

Additionally, we talked about greater than and less than. We remembered the symbols and worked to identify bigger and smaller numbers. Ask your child to compare numbers using the < > = symbols!

When we are finished our math work, we work on our math centers. Currently we are learning to play cooperatively and quietly while others finish their work. We are playing math games that help us to practice what we are learning.

We also play fun math games to reinforce our learning. There are many games on ABCYA that we've been working on. Have your child show you some of the fun games we worked on this week including Guess My Number and Base Ten Blocks fun.

Next week we will continue to focus on place value and work towards skip counting and rounding numbers to the nearest ten. Have a nice weekend!

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