Thursday, December 03, 2015

Writing Fun at the Writing Center

This week we've had a lot of fun with our new Elf friend Tallulah. Tallulah made her return to our Grade 3 class this week. Each day she's written us letters, moved from place to place in our room and inspired us in our writing. One day she asked us to think of words that describe her. We used this list to write a descriptive paragraph about her. Ask your child about it.

Today she wrote us a letter with a special message about our Writing Center. The Writing Center has been quiet over the past few weeks. She gave us some great writing ideas and reminded us that we could write a letter to Santa. Some students were very eager to write a wish list for Santa. We put our letters into envelopes and addressed them to the North Pole.
One student wondered how to seal an envelope. We taught her that we need to lick it to seal it shut. She was amazed and excited because she'd never done this before. She wondered how Santa would receive her letter so we told her we need to put it in a mailbox to send to the North Pole. She'd never heard of a mailbox either! We spent some time this morning googling mailboxes to show her what happens to mail when it gets sent out. It was a fun morning of learning.

We created a new I-Can checklist for our Writing Center. Students were happy about the writing gifts we got from Tallulah. So many were excited to use our KidBlog accounts to Blog about Tallulah this week. We are practising our writing goals on the Blog. We are aiming to write at least 5 sentences and adding adjectives to our sentences to make them more detailed. Soon, student logins and Blogger Etiquette forms will be sent home so students can regularly access and Blog from home. In the mean time, please have peak at what your child has been doing with their Blogs this week:

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