Monday, February 01, 2016

Symmetry Homework

For homework, students will be going home with some EQAO symmetry math work. We have been working to find lines of symmetry in shapes and objects. We are also using rulers and Mira's to draw the other side of a shape.  Below, students have identified the 3 types of lines (horizontal, vertical and diagonal). When we are asked to EXPLAIN or JUSTIFY, we need to talk about how many lines of symmetry and the types of lines that we used. Students can work on the symmetry math work for homework. **Please help them to see how they can justify or explain their answer using key math vocabulary such as the type of lines used. ** We have been working on this in class each day. Once finished, they can practice identifying more lines of symmetry with this online game. They can also blog about lines of symmetry on their class Kidblog accounts!

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