Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kindness Week

This week we celebrated Kindness Week. As a school and as a class, we took the time this week to highlight the acts of kindness that we do on a regular basis. We also took the time to talk about the things that we can do or say to spread a little more kindness. As a class we helped our school to reach 300 random acts of kindness. For many days, we learned that we were the kindest class in the school. We were very proud of that honour.

We spent time writing about kindness in different ways. One of our big goals is to show better sportsmanship both at recess and in gym. We have been working on how to play fair, how to show respect to our teammates and how to make sure we have fun when playing games together. We made a checklist together and decided that this is what we will work on. The students are recognizing how to show good sportsmanship. They are encouraging their friends when playing games. I am very proud of their efforts to show good sportsmanship - great work friends! Some students even blogged about it. Showing good sportsmanship is a wonderful example of kindness.

We are looking for comments on our blogs...please feel free to add a comment to students who blogged about sportsmanship this week!

Blog Posts About Sportsmanship:

We received a delightful surprise in school on Friday. Rabbi Bulka and the organizers of Kindness Week came to our school to acknowledge the kindness of our school! They shared with us that they came to give 3 kindness awards to students at our school. One of the big surprises was that they were awarding a student in OUR CLASS an award for their kindness.

We are so proud and honoured to say that our friend Naisha received the Kindness Award. She is always respectful towards others. She offers her help to any student that needs it. Naisha helps her friends in class and at school. She cares a lot for her friends and is always there for them when they need her. We learn so much from Naisha each day and feel proud that she is in our classroom. Thank you for showing us how to be a caring, sharing and kind friend!!

Below are some blog posts that student's created about kindness this week. We are looking for comments on our Student Blogs. Please feel free to add a comment on a kindness blog post below! The Kid President video below was a huge hit for students in class this week!

Blog Posts About Kindness:

 bt: can sorw soptsmanship by not bragging and shake your opponents hand whan the game is over #kindottawa

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