Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Shared-Learning with the Grade 4 Class

Today students had the opportunity to participate in a shared-learning activity together with the Grade 4 class.

Our classes worked together this morning to teach one another about their respective writing projects. The Grade 4's completed personal Narrative stories while we recently completed Procedural expert posters. The goal was to have our students work together to read, to teach one another about their respective writing projects and to inform them what the writing pieces must have. After reading students were asked to post a reflection on Padlet on what they learned and what the writing pieces must have.

Our 2 classes had a wonderful time sharing together. We had fun sharing our own writing and expertise with the Grade 4's. They were curious about how we created the posters and how to scan the QR Codes to get on to the Padlet. We even taught Mme. Erskine how to scan the QR Code to get on to Padlet!

 Reading with the Grade 4's taught us about how to write Narratives. When we begin our next writing unit, students will have a better idea what Narratives must have! To demonstrate our learning, we posted our learnings on a shared-Padlet. We will re-visit this Padlet again when we officially begin our unit on Narratives. We also hope to work with the Grade 4's again! They shared a lot of great ideas with us and we hope to have the chance to learn and work with them again soon. Huge thank you to Mme. Erskine and Mrs. Maher!

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