Monday, March 09, 2015

3D Shape Experts

In Math we are wrapping up our unit in Geometry. To evaluate what we've learned, students spent time this week focusing on 3D shapes to become experts. We know so much about 3D shapes that we had to prove it. Students worked in partners and picked a 3D shape to be an expert on. They had to fill in our 3D chart with the feature of each shape and then add some interesting facts about their shape. We used Padlet to share what we learned! Have a look below at our completed Padlet to see the student's learning.

We are using key math terms such as vertices, faces, edges, flat surface, curved surface and more. 

In Gym we have challenged the students to make shapes with their bodies. We played a game called Guess My Shape. Students were challenged to make shapes and have their friends guess what shape they were trying to make. We used what we remember about number of sides and vertices to help us determine what the shapes were. A fun game to get students moving and to practice their sportsmanship!

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