Monday, March 09, 2015

Literacy & Math Centers This Week

This week we spent time adding new activities to our Math and Literacy Centers! Students are very engaged during center time - they are practicing the concepts we learn in class and working on new projects and ideas. It is a great time to see their creative side and to watch as they advance their own inquiries. We often welcome new center ideas. We plan what students can do at the centers and make sure we are practicing key concepts at all centers we create. Students come up with activities and concepts they can practice at each of our centers. The Math Centers were very fun this week. We spent time practicing key concepts we learned in 2D and 3D Geometry!

What can we do at our centers? One of our student's blogged about it on her Kid Blog...have a read at what she said!

The boys successfully persuaded me to create a Minecraft Center!
This week, the boys successfully convinced me to open a Minecraft Center in our Literacy Center. They came up with the I-Can List and are eager to demonstrate their expertise with friends. I look forward to seeing what creative learning the students come up with at this new center!

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