Sunday, May 24, 2015

EQAO Begins This Week!

Dear Parents,

This week students will begin to write the EQAO assessment beginning on Tuesday morning. All Grade 3 students will be writing beginning promptly at 9:10am. Students will be writing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be a make-up time for those students who have to finish up part of their work. 

Students should be eating a nutritious breakfast each morning prior to writing. A reminder that our breakfast program opens at 8:55 and ALL students are welcomed to grab a bite to eat OR pick up a snack for later. We strongly encourage all students to come to school EACH day and arrive on time and ready to write. We also encourage students to wear light clothing to school as our room can get quite warm during this hot weather. A water bottle is also recommended for students to drink while writing. A note was sent home last week about an incentive in place for students who arrive to school each day and ready to write. Mme. Paradis will be giving each student a Dairy Queen sundae for those students who come each day ready to write!!

Students can continue to review their EQAO folder sent home a few weeks ago. Reading, Writing and Math portions of the test will be written this week. The EQAO folder can help students familiarize themselves with the structure of the assessment and review important information or vocabulary words that will likely appear on their assessment this week.

Any questions, please contact me at the school!

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