Wednesday, May 20, 2015


In Math we are currently working on Probability. We are focusing on games that are fair vs. unfair. We are problem solving how to make a game more fair by using key math terms. We are also working to predict what might happen if a game is unfair or fair. The math language that we are working on is displayed in the chart. We are working on each word as our word wall words for this week. We made a chart to show how the chances can go from Impossible to Certain in a particular game. Talk to your child about what makes a game fair or unfair.

The math terms will help them for the games that we will play this week. Students are designing their own spinners for a game and they will be challenged to explain the outcome of the game by referencing the key terms.

To help students see how a spinner can be fair or unfair, we references this spinner game

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