Thursday, November 19, 2015

Growing Patterns

In Math our current focus is on Patterning. We previously worked on understanding repeating patterns. We talked about the pattern rule, the pattern core and the changing attributes. We learned a lot of new attributes and created our own patterns.

Students are now working on growing patterns. We are using number lines, hundreds charts and materials to create, identify and describe growing number patterns. We are recognizing pattern rules in words and matching them to growing patterns using numbers and objects.

Our morning brain snacks are filled with great math problems. Students are beginning their day with growing pattern questions that challenge them to figure out the pattern rule and use many strategies to solve their problem. Our principal Mr. Gautreau gave us some great math questions to think about during our Brain Snacks. It was really neat to discover so many patterns in one question. Hundreds charts have so many patterns in them...who knew? Ask your child about it!

Students had a lot of fun completing growing number pattern activities this week. We worked with partners to figure out the pattern rule to a problem. We also used materials to build pattern rules in a game we created. They all did a great job of collaborating together.
For homework this weekend, students have some math problems to review. They will need to read each question carefully to determine the pattern rule or the missing numbers in the growing number patterns. The questions are similar to the type of questions your child sees each morning during our Brain Snack activities. Please work with your child on these math problems. Next week we will have a patterning math test. This homework will help them prepare for next week's test!

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