Friday, November 06, 2015

Repeating Patterns in Math

Our current focus in Math is on Patterning. Currently we are working to understand repeating patterns. Students defined a repeating pattern as something that repeats 3 times. We are looking at many different ways to make a pattern, how to find the pattern rule and how to identify the core of the pattern.

We are also building patterns featuring many different attributes. Have a look at the list of attributes that we are using to build our repeating patterns. We are challenging ourselves to build and identify patterns that have 2 or more attributes. We are also challenging ourselves to make different kinds of patterns that aren't always using the two attributes shape and colour.

In class this week students were challenged to build and describe their own patterns. We have their completed work on the wall in our room. Students are very proud of their patterns and they did a great job!

For homework this weekend, students can build various patterns that have 2 or more changing attributes. They can name the rule and the core of their patterns too. Challenge them to make a pattern that is not ABC. Maybe an AABB pattern or an ABBC pattern....or even an AABBC pattern that extends at least 3 times. Don't forget to have at least 2 changing attributes other than colour and shape. Have fun!

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