Friday, March 11, 2016

Blues in the School!

We had a blast with RBC Blues in the School over the past few weeks. The students worked with Blues performances named JW-Jones and Laura Greenburg all week long to prepare for their performance in front of our school. A huge thanks to RBC Bluesfest who sponsors this program for schools in our area. They gave us the amazing opportunity to plan and write our own original songs and our school got to see our performance. We posted many Vines and links to some of the songs we sang today. A huge thank you to the parents and friends who joined us today to watch us. It was a pleasure to have you in our audience today. Also a big thank you to the artists JW Jones and and Laura Greenburg for your patience and for sharing your creativity with us. Also a thank you to Mr. Tim Walsh from our local RBC branch on Montreal road for your generous donation of $500 to our school's music program. We can't wait to use that money for more musical experiences at our school this year!

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