Monday, March 21, 2016

Contractions Homework

Welcome back to school! I hope you all enjoyed a restful March Break holiday. 

This week our vocabulary focus is on contraction words. What are contraction words? They are words with an apostrophe that take the place of letters. Contractions are a shorter way to say two words. For instance: he is becomes:he's. Follow this quick link to see how we can change two words into a contraction word:

For Homework This Week:
1. Students can play this contractions word game:
2. After playing this game, students will need to demonstrate their understanding of how to change two words into a contraction word on their BLOG.
3. Make a list of words that you changed into contraction words. (he is = he's)
4. Comment on a friend's blog to see what words they come up with.

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