Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dance Dance!

Our current Art focus for this term is Dance. We are fortunate to spend our Art time learning about elements of dance together with the Grade 3 class. We are learning some new dance songs that require us to follow simple repeated step movements as well as the ability to follow directions and improve our endurance.

On Friday we did not get to go to our SugarBush field trip because of the weather. We had a lot of fun during our dance time. We invited the grade 4 and 5 classes to join us. We showed them all of the songs we have been practising. We also got to dance to some Zumba and some other fun current pop songs. Ask your child all about the fun Friday afternoon we had. Even Mme. Paradis danced with us!!

Here are some of the songs that we are

practising in dance class with the Grade 3's!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Measurement Review

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with measurement in our math unit. We have been measuring with standard and non-standard units of measurement. We played some fun measuring games. We explored items in our classroom and determined how long or how high they were using standard and non-standard units. We even used addition strategies when we determine the perimeter of an object or shape.

 We have been reviewing what we`ve learned all week. Tomorrow we will do a review in class. In your child``s agenda, they have a measurement review to complete for homework. This will help them for tomorrow`s review! Have a look at our measurement learned from the past few weeks.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scientists in the School

So much fun in our class today. Students worked together during our Scientists in the School workshop. We participated in a number of experiments and learned a lot about solids, liquids and gas!
We experimented with temperature and learned about how to read a thermometer. 

We talked about the role of salt on ice. We learned about how liquids when mixed with a variety of elements can cause either a solution or a mixture.
We also learned a new scientific word called "Hypothesis". A hypothesis is a scientific guess. When we make a hypothesis we predict what might happen. If we get it right, it's a great thing. But if we get it wrong, it's an even better thing because it means we learn something!

Ask your child about what their favourite part of today was. What did they learn and what do they want to explore more about?

At the end of the workshop, we collaborated with a friend to talk about our learning and share our thinking from the day. We used Padlet to talk about what we learned. Please follow the link to read about our learning today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Science Unit: Liquids and Solids

We started our new Science unit this week. We are looking at changing states of matter. This week we focused on liquids and solids.

We did a super fun science experiment yesterday called "The Great Ice Race". The task challenged students to determine how to change the solid (ice) into a liquid (water). Students worked in teams to try to melt 2 ice cubes inside of a ziploc bag. The teams were challenged to melt the ice with only their hands. They could not take the ice out of the bag! Students had to work together to come up with a plan and determine different strategies to make that ice melt as fast as they could. Students came up with some creative ways to melt the ice. The fastest team melted their ice in 4 minutes. Way to go everyone! Ask your child all about it!
After the experiment, we talked about what we could do to make the solid (ice) melt faster into a liquid (water). We posted our thinking on Padlet and Twitter.  
Here is our Padlet thinking - what did we learn from this science experiment? Have a read to find out.

Starr Gymnastics Fun!

What a super, amazing, exciting and fun day we had today. Our school had a visit from Starr Gymnastics. Together with the grade 3's we got to do some gymnastics activities in our gym. The students had such a great time challenging themselves. Huge thank you to Bubbles for joining us today. The students had a great time, and Bubbles really made us laugh. He even gave us bracelets at the end. 

 A special Starr Gymnastics note was sent home in your child's agenda today. If you are interested in more gymnastics fun at school, please refer to the sign-up form. 

Ask your child all about our fun today!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Lent Begins

During our Literacy Centers, a popular center that has emerged is the "Teacher Center". Students are collaborating daily to build the center. They enjoy taking turns to be the teacher and guide a lesson. Yesterday, students brainstormed what Lent means. They made a list and I recorded their thinking using the AudioBoo iPad app. Have a listen to what they already know about Lent:

We made posters today to show what Lent promises we made.  Have a peek!

Measuring and Adding Perimeter

Perimeter is the distance around a shape or an object. 
Our current focus in Math is Measurement and Addition Strategies. We have been looking at different forms of measurement (with both standard and non-standard units of measurement). Non-standard units of measurement can be any unit that helps you to measure such as popsicle sticks, chains, snap cubes, straws, etc. Standard units of measurement consist of measurements that are found on a ruler such as centimetres.

Over the past few days, we have used non-standard and standard units (centimetres) to measure the perimeter of shapes around our room. We define Perimeter as the distance around a shape or an object. When you measure perimeter, you need to measure each side of the shape. Then you need to add the sides together. It is also important to indicate what unit you are using. We focused on different counting strategies and adding strategies today. We used the Document Camera to demonstrate how Ten Frames can help us to add up the sides of the shape to come up with the perimeter. We shared some strategies that work for us. Some students are using scrap paper to write their math thinking to find the perimeter. Other students are using snap cubes to help them add up the sides of a shape to determine the perimeter. Excellent adding strategies grade 2! We will continue to talk about measurement after the March Break.

Over the March Break focus on some math homework with your child. Ask your child about what addition strategies they know well. Also, ask your child what strategy they can use to measure the perimeter of objects around your home such as a floor tile, a favourite book, a placement and a napkin! They can use a centimetre ruler or any non-standard unit of measurement! Have your child send the results to school when we are back at school on Monday March 17th.

Happy measuring!

Monday, March 03, 2014

During our Literacy Centers, students are using the SmartBoard to play some word games. One website we use for word games is called . Students have been using this website all year to access some interactive  word games. We are using the website to build our vocabulary and to practice grade 2 sight       words. I have included a link to this website on our Website tabs.

Please visit this website at home to play word games when you have the chance. It is a great website to reinforce many of the reading strategies and word games that we play on a weekly basis. The website also has some great grade 2 math games as well. Happy playing and learning!