Monday, June 15, 2015

Healthy Food Commercials

Great news...we have completed our Healthy Food Commercials! We are very excited about the opportunity to share them online. We worked really hard to research what makes the food we chose so healthy. We consulted wonder websites and safely searched Google to find information on our chosen food.

After researching, we talked about What Good Speakers Do. We discussed what speakers need to do when speaking to an audience. We made a list and students referred to it when they filmed their healthy eating commercial.

The purpose of our commercial is to teach everyone about the health benefits of our favourite food. We hope that we have been persuasive enough. To film our commercial, we tried our our brand new Green Screen for the first time! We used the app Green Screen by Do Ink to compose our interactive commercials. Students got to experiment with the app by adding a background of their choice. They ensured that they had a good speaking voice and focused on what good speakers must do. All of our commercials were posted to YouTube and shared on our KidBlog accounts. We spent time watching our videos today and added some great feedback. The comments are well thought out and provide the students with great feedback from their classmates. Please feel free to add comments to your child's commercial via their KidBlog account! We hope you enjoy our creations. 

Monday, June 01, 2015

Healthy Foods Research

For our unit in Health, we have focused on healthy eating and the 4 Food Groups. Students began inquiring what the 4 Food Groups were and questioned the kinds of food that are in the main food groups. We have collaborated with our friends on a shared-slide document. Students investigated the 4 Food Groups in an in-depth way. They were challenged to first figure out with a partner what types of healthy food are in the food groups.

To research, students consulted wonder and nutrition websites to help answer their inquiry and to categorize food into their appropriate food group. After completing this task I wondered if students understood why it was important to eat healthy food in the food groups. The next task had the students determine why the food groups were important. I was amazed to see how knowledgeable students are in researching. They recognized how to ask the right questions when searching on Google. They read through websites with a friend and found some amazing facts about Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Grain and Protein foods. We even contacted Wonderopolis to help us determine where to categorize some food. The class is really enjoying this special project and I am so proud of how experienced they are in researching and proving with evidence. Well done friends! We will be using this important research to assist us on another project beginning Wednesday. Students will be exploring healthy food in a fun way. We will be creating a video to teach others about our healthy treat....stay tuned!!

To view our on-going work on our shared Google Slides project, please follow this link: