Thursday, January 21, 2016

2D Geometry

In math we are currently working on 2D Geometry. We are comparing shapes based on their properties (sides, vertices, angles, etc). We are focusing on right angles and looking at the inside of shapes to describe angles as bigger, smaller or the same size as right angles. Currently, we are congruent 2D shapes using tangrams and other objects. A shape is congruent when it is the same size and shape. We are flipping, turning, stacking or turning the direction to see if the shapes are congruent or not.

This week we completed our Shape Hunt Challenge. Students went around the school find shapes inside of objects. Students were challenged to write about the sides, vertices and angles inside of the objects they found. It was a fun task and students shared all of their learning on a 2D Shared Padlet. The link is below.

Stable Structures in Science

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Asking Questions

Our current reading focus is on Asking Questions. Students are working to recognize how questions can help us when we read. Students are using these words to stop and ask themselves questions about what they are reading. When we stop to ask questions while we read we are learning more information, adding more details and understanding how to retell what happens in the story.

Please continue to use these words for your Word Wall Homework for the week. In addition, when reading with your child this week, stop and model a question you have about the story. This will help them to use this strategy on their own when reading independently.

In class we are working on this strategy before, during and after we read. We read The Stranger by Chris Van Allsburg. We had many predictions and questions about who the stranger was and what his purpose was for visiting the farm. Below are some Book Talk tweets we shared. We used the #blktlk hashtag during this activity.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

2D Geometry Homework

In Math our current focus is on 2D Geometry. We are currently recalling how to describe the shapes in different ways. We are looking at their properties like sides and vertices. We are beginning to talk about right angles and noticing which shapes have them. Ask your child about it. We will share more of our learning soon.

In the meantime, students were VERY curious about this math talk picture today during our Brain Snack. Lots of debate and shape noticing. They asked to keep the discussion going on KidBlog. For homework, students can follow this link: 

They can post a comment with what shapes they see, they can describe them and talk about hidden shapes. We've also googled to find answers to new shapes we are discovering. This is a really exciting activity for us. Can't wait to see your comments!