Saturday, December 09, 2017

Hour of Code

This week students participated in the #HourofCode. Students had the chance to participate in a variety of computer science activities online and using robots in our school. Students are expert programmers with the robot Dash. They had so much fun applying their knowledge of forces in science and coded Dash to move in a variety of positions and locations. We also had the chance to plan purposeful activities with Dash when we were challenged to design a maze for Dash to navigate through. Students used a variety of tools in their attempt to get Dash to move in the correct direction. They learned through much trial and error how to slow Dash down, pick up speed at the right time and change location to be successful. It was a tough challenge, but many students persevered to accomplish their goal.

Students also programmed their own games on the Coding website Students loved programming on many of the sites including Minecraft, Google logo, Flappy Game, Star Wars, Box Island so so much more. Students were challenged to apply their knowledge of forces in science as well as their math skills in movement. It was a great week of collaboration, critical thinking and communication. We reflected on this engaging week by writing a retell paragraph using details from the struggles and the exciting adventures we had with coding. Ask your child to share what they wrote about and what they liked best.

Students are encouraged to keep coding at home and use our KidBlog platform to continue to share what they are learning, what obstacles they face and what new discovery they are making while coding on their platform of choice.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Christmas Play Songs

Below are the songs we are practicing for the Christmas play performance on Wednesday December 20th. Please refer to these songs for students to practice at home. We are practicing in class each day, and students requested that lyrics so they can practice from home too. Thank you for your help!


Friday, December 01, 2017

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Our collaborative math task today had us thinking about Which One Doesn't Belong? Students worked in partners and had to come up with reasons why the clocks didn't belong. Click through our Slide Deck to see all of our math thinking today. For homework, students can continue to share their thinking on their KidBlog accounts!