Monday, March 30, 2015

Homework Question March 30 - April 3: Two Digit Addition

This week our math focus continues to be on Two-Digit Addition with regrouping. Over the past few weeks, we have focused on a number of quick addition tricks to help us add numbers without using our fingers. In grade 3, we are working towards adding 3 digit numbers. Each day we begin our math block with a 2 minute math challenge. We are trying to beat our goal each day and solve as many math facts as we can. Our goal is to work on our quick addition skills to help us when solving math problems in a quicker way.

For homework this week, students can attempt this two-digit addition game. You may need to play the game a few times to practice your quick thinking math skills!

1. Play this math game:
2. Post on your KidBlog by sharing what you learned by playing this game. What strategies help you to solve the addition problems quickly?
3. Don't forget to comment on a friend's Blog to keep the learning going!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Homework Question: March 22-26

Welcome back to school! I hope you all enjoyed a restful March Break holiday. 

This week our vocabulary focus is on contraction words. What are contraction words? They are words with an apostrophe that take the place of letters. Contractions are a shorter way to say two words. For instance: he is becomes: he's. Follow this quick link to see how we can change two words into a contraction word:

For Homework This Week:
1. Students can play this contractions word game:
2. After playing this game, students will need to demonstrate their understanding of how to change two words into a contraction word.
3. Make a list of words that you changed into contraction words. (he is = he's)
4. Comment on a friend's blog to see what words they come up with.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

5SC This Week: In the Jungle

This week our class participated in another 5 Sentence Challenge. Our prompt this this was 3 words: In the Jungle...Students had to write 5 sentences using only this writing prompt.

As a class we began with a brainstorm session. We explored what jungles look...feel...and sound like. We used a shared Google Doc to come up with some details before beginning our writing. Have a look at what our shared brainstorm looked like:  This activity helped us to write our rough drafts. It gave us the opportunity to work with a partner and come up with ideas together.

Please follow the link to our class KidBlogs to view what we all wrote about! Since this is a Global Writing Project, we have already received comments from student bloggers from all over the world! This week the students took some time to read and respond to some of the comments we've received on our Blogs. We've also commented on blogs from students around the world who wrote about the jungle. It is pretty amazing to see the reach this amazing project has. We are communicating with students in Australia, Thailand, the USA and more!

Students are encouraged to post and comment on our KidBlogs over the March Break! They are also welcome to continue commenting on other jungle blogs from around the world:


Monday, March 09, 2015

Homework Question: March 9-13

This week in Math we will focus on activating prior addition strategies. We will be working on various addition word problems and playing addition games to practice mental math strategies. This week's homework question challenges students to activate mental addition strategies focusing on numbers that add to 10.

1. Visit this website to play the math game: Number Bonds - Numbers Adding to 10
2. Next, students can post on their Kidblog to explain what they learned AND to show all the ways that we can add to 10.
3. Don't forget to check a friend's blog and comment on their learning too!

Happy Adding!

3D Shape Experts

In Math we are wrapping up our unit in Geometry. To evaluate what we've learned, students spent time this week focusing on 3D shapes to become experts. We know so much about 3D shapes that we had to prove it. Students worked in partners and picked a 3D shape to be an expert on. They had to fill in our 3D chart with the feature of each shape and then add some interesting facts about their shape. We used Padlet to share what we learned! Have a look below at our completed Padlet to see the student's learning.

We are using key math terms such as vertices, faces, edges, flat surface, curved surface and more. 

In Gym we have challenged the students to make shapes with their bodies. We played a game called Guess My Shape. Students were challenged to make shapes and have their friends guess what shape they were trying to make. We used what we remember about number of sides and vertices to help us determine what the shapes were. A fun game to get students moving and to practice their sportsmanship!

Literacy & Math Centers This Week

This week we spent time adding new activities to our Math and Literacy Centers! Students are very engaged during center time - they are practicing the concepts we learn in class and working on new projects and ideas. It is a great time to see their creative side and to watch as they advance their own inquiries. We often welcome new center ideas. We plan what students can do at the centers and make sure we are practicing key concepts at all centers we create. Students come up with activities and concepts they can practice at each of our centers. The Math Centers were very fun this week. We spent time practicing key concepts we learned in 2D and 3D Geometry!

What can we do at our centers? One of our student's blogged about it on her Kid Blog...have a read at what she said!

The boys successfully persuaded me to create a Minecraft Center!
This week, the boys successfully convinced me to open a Minecraft Center in our Literacy Center. They came up with the I-Can List and are eager to demonstrate their expertise with friends. I look forward to seeing what creative learning the students come up with at this new center!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Forces in Science

In Science our current focus is on forces that cause movement. We are exploring push and pull forces and wondering what causes types of movements to occur. We are listening to songs and researching information about forces. We learned some new forces vocabulary like friction. Students are adding to our Science Wonder Wall and adding Learned information after they discover an answer to their wonders. 

Students have the opportunity to explore their wonders during our centers time! Ask your child about the science vocabulary they are learning about including movement, force and friction.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Homework Question: March 2nd-March 6th

Our current Math focus is on 3D Geometry. We know so much about the 3D shapes already. We are currently working to identify the names and features of the 3D shapes. Students are currently working on a 3D Shape challenge where they need to show their expertise on a 3D shape to add to our chart for reference. More to come soon.

For homework this week, students can play a 2D and 3D shape game online, then post on their KidBlog accounts.
1. Play this 2D and 3D sorting game:
2. Post on your KidBlog account: What did you learn about the shapes?  Name 6 examples of real life shapes around us.
3. Comment on a friend's blog.

March Newsletter

Welcome to March! Please follow the link to view our March Newsletter. Many fun events and activities planned including Starr Gymnastics and an upcoming Field Trip!