Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Describing Animals

In class today, we continued to talk about animals which is part of our unit in science. We are working to describe animals and writing about it too. 

The students recalled a little bit about what it means to describe. They said that descriptive writing means when you describe a thing or a person or an animal.  They remembered that when you describe something, you can use your eyes and your hands. We used our eyes to see and imagined we were using our hands to feel how we can describe one animal of our choice today.

Working with a partner, we chose 1 animal from our animal book library. Next we had to look at the animal and use words to help us describe. We used a 4 Fun Facts sheet to learn about 4 things about a particular animal. The students came up with some great describing words. Here is our Padlet thinking so far:

We are almost finished this activity. The students will get a chance to finish describing their animals that they chose. We will get to share what we learned next time. I wonder if any of our animal wonders on our Wonder Wall will be answered?

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