Friday, October 18, 2013

What is a good friend?

In Religion we are focusing on what makes a good friend. Students brainstormed what they think a good friend looks like. We made a list together and talked about what we can do to be good friends to one another. I explained to the students that Mme. Paradis is a good friend to me because she said thank you after I let her borrow our white chart paper. The students said that when a friend says thank you, they are using good manners. We added good manners to our list of what makes a good friend!

After I told the students the story of why Mme. Paradis said thank you to me, they decided that we need to say thank you to Mr. Bob. Mr. Bob learned that we did not have the grade 2 symbol in our classroom. So one day, he promised to give us a chalice to add to our prayer table. When he kept his promise, the students decided to make a thank you card for him! We wrote a special message to him,

and surprised him today in his class with our card. He was so thankful and really surprised!

Today in Religion class, the students started to write in their Important Book. Our first entry was about being a good friend. It is important to be a good friend. The students had really great ideas of what a good friend is. 

We used the iPad app called AudioBoo to read from our Important Book about good friends. Here are some of our entries:










Finally, in the afternoon we spent time with our Grade 3 friends. We worked on math and language centers. The students really enjoyed working with their partners. It was a great friendship day.

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