Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Word Wall Words and Staying Organized!

Today we made a list of word wall words that we will work on for the week.

The words are: friend, really, said, Thanksgiving and with. In class we played some word wall games and talked about what the words mean. One game you can play at home is to spell out each word. Clap the consonants and snap the vowels. The students also made sentences with the words - you can practice this at home too!

Some students did not finish writing a sentence for each new word wall word. For homework, if your child brought home their Word Wall book, please finish making a sentence with each word. We are making a sentence with each word wall word! Some students challenged themselves and wrote a sentence with more than one word wall word in it. You can also highlight the word wall words in your sentence!

As a class we are working on being an organized student. Today we made a list and talked about what being organized looks like in our grade 2 classroom. The students came up with all of the criteria. We will keep working on this important learning skill as the days so by!

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