Friday, October 04, 2013

First Week in Grade 2!

Week 1 in our new Grade 2 classroom has zoomed by!

In Art we are starting our Lines unit. As a class we read a line book and talked about all the different kinds of lines we can think of. Here is what our list looks like so far!
In Religion, we are starting to create our prayer table in our classroom. We talked as a class about what kinds of things we need to add to our table. The students mentioned a cloth and we talked about why they cloth needs to be green, and what time in the year our cloth changes to purple or white. The students also added a prayer book, a bible and a cross. We will continue to talk about the important role of our prayer table next week. 


In Math we continue to talk about how we can represent numbers in different ways. We created a chart to outline what we already know about representing numbers with different examples of how to show the number 13! 13 is the number of students in our classroom and it is great to see that the students already know a lot about how to show a number in a few different ways. We will continue to talk about representing numbers next week.

Reminder: Monday October 7th will be picture day. We will get to take individual and class pictures with our new grade 2 class!
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