Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wednesday Fun

We worked hard today on many different activities.

In Math, we worked on our Math About Me representing numbers activity. We are almost done! We will put our whole project together tomorrow. We read about how a few students represented the number of letters in their names. We learned that there is another way to represent numbers - by using pictures! We know many different ways to represent numbers. We will continue to talk about representing numbers next week.

In Gym, we continued to work on using hula hoops in different ways. We are working on using the hoops in a variety of ways in intervals of 10. We are working in small groups.  Our goal is to present our unique hula hoop ideas to our small group and to the class.

In Language, we read a Thanksgiving story called Give Thanks for Everyday. While reading the students and I made personal connections to what the story reminded us of. We used the Thanksgiving book to share what we are thankful for. We will continue to talk about making personal connections tomorrow. We are also using Padlet to post what we are thankful for. We are going to refer to our Padlet messages to build a Thank-You Tree for our classroom!

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