Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Learning

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

Today we got to add our 5 word wall words to our Word Wall. Have a look at the 5 new words we will work on this week.

Things to do with your Word Wall Words...
  • Spell each word aloud three times, by the third time, try and close your eyes!
  • When spelling the words, snap on the vowels and clap on the consonants
  • Make a sentence with each word
  • Write out each word 5 times
  • Choose three of the word wall words and try to use them in the same sentence
  • Have a spelling challenge with an older brother, sister or friend
  • Choose a word and hunt for it in a book, magazine or the newspaper

    For Homework tonight, please make a sentence with each of our new word wall words in the Word Wall Words notebook. 

In Math, we were surprised to see we received a Twitter message from another Grade 2 class! Mrs. Nehme's Grade 2 class noticed that both of our classes are working on representing numbers in different ways. She sent us a Twitter message and asked us if we could represent the number 42 in 2 different ways. The class had so many ideas. We used tally marks, standard form, a number line and a number sentence to represent 32! Have a look.

Finally, in ART we are working on our Lines Project. We came up with a list of different lines. The students named the lines after reading our Lines That Wiggle book and from thinking about lines around us. We started with a large dot and drew lines that began at our dot and went all the way down, up or to the side. The students are working on showing different types of lines in each space. 

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