Thursday, October 03, 2013

Our Class Promise

Today we talked about promises. We wondered...what is a promise? How do we make promises? What happens when we don't do our promises? We talked about what this looks and sounds like and made a chart. We explained that a promise is something you keep. You have to do it because you keep your word. If you break your promise you need to talk about it! 

We also wondered how do you make a promise? We learned that you make a promise with your hand and your heart. We all cut out our hand prints and signed them. They symbolize our promise to remember and follow the class promises that we created together this week! We placed our promise hands around our promise board to remind us that together as a class we will keep our word and keep our promises!! We also placed our first class book - (our promise book) on the table. We can read this book during quiet reading time.

Have a look at what our class promises look like!

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