Thursday, January 15, 2015

Math Play Day

Today our school participated in a Math Play Day. The interactive activities were organized by the grade 6 class. We were partnered with the Grade 5's and travelled together to each math station. The stations consisted of measurement activities and games to challenge us.
There was a Time Bingo station, an online math game station, a perimeter and area station and a cup stacking station.

The students were excited to participate in these math activities. We learned a lot by being partnered with the grade 5's. It allowed us to see inquiry math in action. We used team work and showed grit! Not all of our strategies worked, but working with our groups we were persistent.

While playing the cup stacking game, students made the connection between our current science focus on structures! We had to build a strong and stable bridge during our Scientist Workshop. The cup game was similar. We had to build the tallest (and most stable) tower! It took a while to find a stable tower, but students worked together to build a tower as high as they could. The tallest tower measured 71 cm high.

Here are some links to the interactive measurement games that we learned about today. Our class really enjoyed these games. They were excited to see games about perimeter and measurement since we are currently learning about them in our class.

Please follow the links to play the measurement games!




4. (an analog clock that can be manipulated)

5. (hickory dickory dock)




Videos on Measurement:


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