Monday, March 30, 2015

Homework Question March 30 - April 3: Two Digit Addition

This week our math focus continues to be on Two-Digit Addition with regrouping. Over the past few weeks, we have focused on a number of quick addition tricks to help us add numbers without using our fingers. In grade 3, we are working towards adding 3 digit numbers. Each day we begin our math block with a 2 minute math challenge. We are trying to beat our goal each day and solve as many math facts as we can. Our goal is to work on our quick addition skills to help us when solving math problems in a quicker way.

For homework this week, students can attempt this two-digit addition game. You may need to play the game a few times to practice your quick thinking math skills!

1. Play this math game:
2. Post on your KidBlog by sharing what you learned by playing this game. What strategies help you to solve the addition problems quickly?
3. Don't forget to comment on a friend's Blog to keep the learning going!

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