Sunday, May 10, 2015

Open House Success for Parents and Students

Last Thursday our school celebrated our annual Multicultural Open House. We opened our school doors and welcomed all students and their families to visit our classrooms, watch student performances, eat a huge and generous potluck and participate in a technology event.

Before heading to the gym, students in our classroom led student conferences in our room. We worked hard on Persuasive Open House Letters to convince our parents to come to open house. It was a success as most of the students in our room made their way into our classroom to show their parents all of the great learning that takes place in Grade 3. To prepare for the evening, we talked about what we would most likely want our parents to see or learn about. We created centers and students put what they wanted to showcase at each of the centers. The centers were: Math Center, Literacy Center, Reading Center, EQAO, Padlet & QR Codes, KidBlog Writing  and of course..Tech Experts!

It was so great to see the students welcome their parents into our classroom while leading them around the room to share their learning. They loved showing off their technology expertise on a variety of apps. It was the favourite center for sure. They showed their parents all of the tools we are fortunate to have. They helped them log into Chromebooks and use the iPads to log into Raz Kids. They showcased their amazing KidBlog accounts and how much our writing has improved since the start of the year. It was so nice to see parents and future generation kids excited and engaged in the learning in our Grade 3 class. Well done friends!

The technology event in our school's gym was a first for our school. Together with the leadership of some grade 5 and grade 3 students, families were treated to an engaging Padlet selfie wall. Students set up a Padlet selfie station filled with many fun props, a camera, and a projection screen to track all of the fun images that were captured. Students guided parents to navigate on the Padlet and taught them how to use the tool by getting them to post a comment about our school. Families and students were also introduced to our school Twitter account (@Assumption_ocsb). Students answered questions about how we use Twitter in our classrooms and everyone was invited to post a hard or real tweet on Assumption's Twitter account.

With all of the wonderful access to technology that our school is fortunate to have, parents got to see some of the amazing ways we can use tech tools to engage, communicate, connect and share. Our grade 3 and 5 students are comfortable navigating the tools and families were treated to a fun and engaging activity that we called our Selfie Wall. Families lined up to take selfies with their children and were excited to see their images posted on one large Padlet. We heard so much positive feedback from families who were delighted their their children had access to so many tools AND that they were using the tech tools in fun and engaging ways. It was great to have families participate and to see some of the great messages they left on our Twitter and Padlet wall. One of my favourite quotes came from a student who said "I like that we can learn at school and then go home and teach our parents too."

Below is a link to the completed Padlet selfies and some Twitter comments posted by our family community. We hope that your picture made it onto the Padlet wall. We also hope that you enjoyed participating in the event as much as we loved planning it! A huge thank you to Mme. Paradis, Mrs. McEvoy and Mme. Oliver who supported us and helped to make this event possible. Mr. MacKenzie and I were very proud of the grade 3 and 5 students who hosted a wonderful first parent technology event at Assumption. Well done everyone...until next time :-)

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