Tuesday, December 08, 2015


Great news! Over the past few weeks we have been writing on our Student Blogs. We are using the KidBlog website for our student blogging. You can find a link to our Class Kidblog on the magnet that you received at the start of the year.

Today, a Blogging Etiquette contract was sent home. Students and families are welcome to blog and write together for homework each night. It is very important that you read over the Blogging rules and guidelines before posting. We are encouraging our students to post kind messages that support and follow digital citizenship guidelines. Students understand that they are in charge of their own digital footprint. We never post anything inappropriate. We are using avatars for safety purposes. And, we encourage students to have conversations on their blogs through the comments section.

Over the next few months we will continue to focus on blogging to increase our writing interest, practice the skills we learn in class and focus on promoting conversation skills. We hope you follow our blogging adventures!!

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