Thursday, January 21, 2016

2D Geometry

In math we are currently working on 2D Geometry. We are comparing shapes based on their properties (sides, vertices, angles, etc). We are focusing on right angles and looking at the inside of shapes to describe angles as bigger, smaller or the same size as right angles. Currently, we are congruent 2D shapes using tangrams and other objects. A shape is congruent when it is the same size and shape. We are flipping, turning, stacking or turning the direction to see if the shapes are congruent or not.

This week we completed our Shape Hunt Challenge. Students went around the school find shapes inside of objects. Students were challenged to write about the sides, vertices and angles inside of the objects they found. It was a fun task and students shared all of their learning on a 2D Shared Padlet. The link is below.

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