Wednesday, October 04, 2017

STEM Task: Paper Chain Challenge

Today's STEM Challenge had the students work in groups of 3 to create the longest paper chain they could using only 3 materials: one sheet of construction paper, one pair of scissors and one glue stick.

It was a lively challenge and students were given 20 minutes to make a plan and execute it. Students are reflecting and learning that the planning portion of the task is important since they are not given replacement materials if they make a mistake. The students also collaborated at the start of the task to come up with a set of class rules and guidelines to follow when completing teamwork. Please see our rules below and talk about them with your child. Students had juicy ideas and mentioned some new vocabulary words some of us hadn't heard of before.

We ran out of time to measure our paper chains, but students lined them up on the carpet and decided which one looked the longest. Tomorrow we will reflect what we would do differently, and what we would do the same if we did the challenge again. Ask your child about their amazing teamwork and collaboration today to complete this fun STEM task.

Class created list of teamwork guidelines during STEM tasks

STEM Challenge in action

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