Saturday, February 07, 2015

Read to Someone

We worked on a brand new center this week at our Literacy Centers. Students have included the Read to Someone Center! We read to ourselves each day during our silent reading time. We have been working towards reading to a buddy for a while. This week we created our I-Can list together as a class. We decided what reading to someone looks like and created a list as our guideline.

The goal of the Read to Someone center is to have students share a book together. Students have a wide variety of books to choose from in our classroom and beyond! We have many authors in our classroom who have written their own books and are excited to share their story with a friend at this center!

They can use the books for shared interest purposes. They can also use the center to practice their reading strategies together. The strategies we've learned in the classroom help us to decode words. We may also use reading strategies that can help us to better comprehend the story (making predictions, asking questions, etc).

After reading the book, we decided that we can share what we've learned by talking about the book with our friend. We can ask questions by playing a game where we use questions sticks or a roll the dice game.

Students also decided that after reading together they'd like to write about their stories online via KidBlog or Twitter. We also said we could create interactive posters or talk about it on AudioBoom. So many great possibilities for our literacy centers!

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