Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Symmetry and Congruent

If you'd like to really stretch your thinking with a Tangram challenge check out this game on


In Math we are currently working on 2D Geometry. We have described 2D shapes. We focused on the angles inside of shapes including obtuse, right and acute angles. We found objects in our school and described what shapes and angles we see.

For the past few weeks we have focused on symmetry. We are determing if a shape or object has any lines of symmetry. We are also talking about what the types of lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

Finally we are working on congruent shapes and objects. We are locating shapes that are identical in size and shape. We learned that you can turn or stack a shape to see if it is congruent. We had a fun Tangram activity today. We challenged ourselves to build puzzles using our 7 Tangrams. Students worked together to solve the puzzles. We even figured out how to make one shape with all 7 shapes. We tweeted about it too!

Tomorrow we will have 2D Geometry quiz. Students can review for homework tonight using their symmetry worksheet.

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