Friday, April 10, 2015

Math Centers

In Math we continue to focus on addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers. In class, students are getting better adding and subtracting numbers without using their fingers. Our mental math strategies really help us to solve our math problems. Our math minutes help us to review our strategies and improve our scores each day. To review how to add and subtract using strategies we learn in class, please review our previous Blog post with great charts and information.

This week we introduced a few new math games to help us practice our mental math strategies with partners. We used many manipulatives, tools and devices to help us to add and subtract. Working together with their friends students got the opportunity to practice the skills we work on in class and teach and learn from their peers.

We played an adding and subtracting game using a deck of cards, a dice and dominoes. If you have any of these materials at your home, it is easy to play math games with your child! Simply make 2 or 3 digit numbers and play some fun adding or subtracting games using dry erase markers, or pencils! Ask your child how they play these games and try them at home. If you try a game, please share it with us on your KidBlog account!

Students also created their own subtraction posters at the Math Writing Center to teach their friends how to subtract numbers. The posters will be added to our Math Vocabulary Wall. You can comment on their Subtraction Blogs on our KidBlog accounts!

Students are reminded that they can access our DreamBox Math Account from home. Please continue to play fun DreamBox math games for homework to practice some key number sense concepts that are important for your child's success in grade three.

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