Sunday, November 16, 2014

Digital Citizenship

This past week was Digital Citizenship Week. Students learned about their digital footprint and how to be kind citizens online.

In our class, students are very comfortable with digital citizenship as we use many online tools on a daily basis. We already have a digital presence and students related their classroom experience to many of the videos and lessons we viewed this week.

As the week went on, students learned about the smart choices they should make while participating in online learning. We talked about the importance of keeping some personal information private and how we can show kindness in our online interactions. 

Students wrote paragraphs on how they can be good citizens. We also chatted and tweeted how we are safe and kind online. We decided to make posters to encourage others to make safe online choices and the importance of showing kindness in our interactions. We chatted about what kind of digital tools we use in our classroom as well as tools that students use at home. We hope that our posters inspire students in our school to make a positive digital footprint and to share their thinking and learning like we do!

After creating our posters, some students blogged about digital citizenship and what they learned about online safety this week.  We posted on our KidBlogs. Please follow the link to read about our learning from this week.  Our Student Blogs: KidBlog

Parents, for more information on how you can keep your child safe online, please visit Common Sense Media's website. Common Sense Media

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