Saturday, November 22, 2014

Student Blogging

Our Blog Posting Criteria created by students!

Our students have begun blogging over the past few weeks. Students came up with a Blogging criteria where we determined what we could blog about. Students brainstormed ideas for our KidBlog posting criteria. This list will help our class to determine what we can blog about. Currently, students have blogged a few times while at school. We are learning how to navigate on our KidBlog accounts on iPads and Chromebooks. Some students are already experts and are helping friends to post on their blogs for the first time.

Students are also learning how to write meaningful comments. We are using comments to give descriptive feedback and to promote conversations. Students will continue to work on how that looks over the next few weeks.

Students are also using their Blogs to demonstrate their digital citizenship. We are careful about how we post. Students are beginning to edit their work before posting and are ensuring that what they post is kind and safe. We will continue to work on how that looks like. Students are eager to add their own avatar's to their Blogs too.

Students are encouraged to blog from home if they would like. They can view our Blog Post Criteria to determine what they might post. Students are also encouraged to read over our Blogging Etiquette guidelines. An etiquette contract will be sent home soon. In the next few weeks, student login information will also be sent home. Many students have already memorized their login password. Follow the link to view our blog page! 

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