Wednesday, September 16, 2015


On Tuesday September 15th our class celebrated International Dot Day. Dot Day was celebrated by over 4 million students from 115 countries around the world!

Dot Day is a day created by the author Peter H. Reynolds. He wrote an inspiring book called The Dot. A story that taught us about perseverance and to make our mark by starting with a simple dot. Dot Day inspired us to  use our imagination and take a chance even if we don't think we know how to do something. DotDay was a great story to start the year off with a focus on building our confidence and perseverance.
To celebrate DotDay we used only Q-Tips and paint. Students had to start with a dot and then see where that dot took them. They were challenged to use dots in their picture to make their mark and be creative. It was great to see the students take chances with their work. We used our dot work to write about what inspired us.

We also used our dot work to try out some new tools in our room. We are learning how to scan QRCodes to read and post our work. We are practicing our reading fluency on the app AudioBoom. We are learning how to post our ideas on Padlet using iPads and Chromebooks. We are also working to explain our thinking in writing and explaining WHY using words like because to extend our thinking. Some students got to read their work on the AudioBoom app. A huge thank you to those families who have read and signed the internet permission forms. Please sign and send to school if you haven't done so already. Below is a picture our our artwork. We can't wait to show you at our school's Open House BBQ on Thursday September 17th. See you in Room 222!

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