Friday, September 18, 2015

Reading Strategies

Our current reading focus is on Reading Strategies. We are reviewing strategies that help us read and write unfamiliar words. We are also learning new strategies that will help our learning. When reading daily, these strategies will really benefit our learning. It provides students with ways to decode words when reading. Our goal is to use these strategies independently without always asking for help first.

Students should also be using these strategies when attempting to write words they are unfamiliar with. Please have your child refer to these strategies daily when reading books, when doing Raz Kids homework or when practising their weekly word wall words. I sent home a copy of the strategies attached to the homework note this week.

We continue to work on reading quietly to ourselves each day for 10 minutes. Students are reminded that when we Read to Ourselves we are quiet, we read the whole time, and we use strategies to sound out words. Pictures can help us to decode words so take a picture walk with your child before reading a new book. This may help with decoding unfamiliar words while reading.

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