Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Venus Flytrap Inquiries

In science we continue on our inquiry journey exploring our new favourite plant - the venus flytrap!

Over the past few weeks we've shared many questions and wonders about the plant. We are reading books, talking with friends, watching videos, consulting Twitter and observing our class plants. Each of these helpful resources are guiding our learning and our fun wonders!

Over the past week, students got to solve many of their wonders. We added our wonders to our class wonder wall, and as we answer a popular question, we post the answer as well. This inquiry has been amazing so far. Students are very engaged in their science learning and are using their spare time to learn more information about the plant. Some students are writing plant stories for homework and posting their plant creations on our Wonder Wall. I even hear students talk about how they are researching the plant when they go home - amazing scientists in action in Grade 3!

Today Mr. Gautreau gave our 3 plant friends a friendly shout-out over the announcements. He welcomed the 3 new "students" to Grade 3....Mario, Thornhead and Spike. We had many curious student visitors to our classroom today who wanted to take a peak at our new class friends. Inquiring in Grade 3 is pretty popular!

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