Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Venus Flytraps

Our current focus in science is on plant life systems. Last week in our discussions, students had many questions about Venus Flytrap plants. We consulted Wonderopolis for some answers and watched some videos to learn more. I searched all over the city and was finally able to find some Venus Flytrap plants to bring into our classroom! These plants will be so helpful for our science wondering and our inquiry into Venus Flytraps. Having a real life plant will allow students to watch how it grows. We are hoping to watch it eat a real bug too!

We tested out what happens when an object gets too close today. It was really neat to see the trap close! Ask your child about it. We are building on what we know and adding wonders to our list. We hope to answer these questions during this inquiry. We voted to give the plants names: Spike, Thornhead and Mario. This will be helpful for when we observe the changes and talk about their differences. We can't wait to find out more information!

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